Upcoming Engagements

March 18 and 19, 2020 Public Meetings Cancelled

The remaining March Transit Moves | Fort Worth public meetings have been cancelled.

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Past Engagements

Fall 2019 Outreach

The City of Fort Worth was considering a range of potential future transit investments.These potential improvements have been packaged into three scenarios:


Scenario 1: Incremental Improvements – As the population of Fort Worth grows over the next few decades, this scenario presents incremental improvements that can be made to the existing transit system and assumes revenues will increase only at the rate of population growth.

Scenario 2: Aspirational Outlook – At a higher level of investment than Scenario 1, this scenario provides an outlook of the transit system given expenditures that catch up and keep up with the City’s growth.

Scenario 3: Visionary City – This scenario develops a great transit system for Fort Worth that would make many types of trips much easier and enable Fort Worth to become more competitive and vibrant as it continues to grow.


We need your input on the Transit Improvement Scenarios to determine the best mix of transit investments for Fort Worth. Visit the planning team at an upcoming public meeting!

Spring 2019 Outreach

The City of Fort Worth is excited about the possibility to significantly improve the reach and quality of the city’s transit system. To ensure that all transportation needs are met, we solicited input for improving transit at several public meetings.

All three events followed the same format.

  • Events began with an open house format, where attendees visited interactive stations for an overview of the Transit Moves | Fort Worth plan and provided feedback about the existing and future transit system.

  • City of Fort Worth staff then gave a brief presentation about Transit Moves.

  • After the presentation, there was time for Q&A as well as additional open house time for attendees to provide feedback and learn more about the plan.

A recording of the May 19th presentation can be viewed below; you can also download a PDF of the presentation below the viewing window.